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In Chain Logistics' assembly department, we enthusiastically carry out assembly work with an average of 25 people every day. Depending on demand and need, we scale up or down scale. We use a flexible labour pool that our customers can fall back on. We do this in a gigantic space consisting of two halls and a sluice, totalling 550 square metres.

Some features of our assembly work:

  • Solution-oriented
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Mechanical or manual production
  • Flexible and transparent
  • Skilled and experienced
  • Quality assurance via our online platform Chain Docs


Assembly work customer cases

Doing business successfully with Beter Bed

"De service van Chain voldoet ruimschoots aan onze verwachtingen"

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The perfect outer box for glass perfume bottles

For the new branch of a well-known department store for home & body products, Chain Logistics provides, among other things, the assembly, storage and distribution of 2 models of perfume bottles.

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Long term partnership with Berlin Packaging

“We always engage with Chain at an early stage, so they can think along with us in the packaging process during our product development. They then carry out an open time calculation and convert the activities into a unit price. This way, we know in advance exactly what our costs are”.

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Manual assembly work

Assembly work for our customers is diverse and sometimes complex. When manually assembling sockets, for example, we screw a cover to the back after which we carry out a visual inspection. Our fitters manually fold the product box together after which we add the instructions and screws. We weigh the various techniques we can apply to your product together with you. In this way, we arrive at an optimal end product together. Think of gluing applications and making auxiliary tools for simple assemblies.


As a specialist, we come up with innovative solutions. A good example of an adhesive application is the unique UV adhesive we had made for a perfume line. The advantage of this glue is that it hardens transparently. So the end-user does not see anything of the glue hardening. A conveyor belt transports the bottles on a mirror. The reflection of the light from the UV lamp illuminates the bottles from below and allows the glue to cure. Another striking example of an innotive solution is the machine we designed that connects aluminium and plastic. We did this for soap pumps made of plastic and with a collar made of aluminium. Plastic and aluminium do not bond, of course. Two small conveyor belts on the machine feed both parts and automatically apply tape. After placing the aluminium sleeve over the plastic part, it is pressed on. It is a specific and exceptional case. With high production numbers like in this example, processes are scalable. Whether it is a small or large production and manual or far-reaching automation: we always think with the customer and choose a solution that suits your product.

Different types of services

Not all the services we provide around assembly need to be complex. An example: When packing and repacking products, we open bulk packs of 40 pieces of clothing and pack them into smaller packs of 10 pieces. Another conceivable project is a customer promotion where we are asked to put a gift in each package.

Assembly work customers

Seepje B.V.
Modine Uden B.V.
MicroMedia B.V.
Weener Plastics Netherlands B.V.
Smarter Living
De Kikvorsch
Berlin Packaging Netherlands B.V.
Swiss sense

Know-how and quality

Our knowledge and quality focus mainly on cosmetics and injection moulding, the beverage and food industry and the automotive industry. If a certification is required that we do not yet possess, we will obtain it for our customer.



Every customer and every order is different, but our priority is always to unburden the customer. Some customers write out the layout in advance. The other simply orders a product to be returned in its original packaging after processing. In guaranteeing quality, we take a proactive approach regardless of the order. Does the product show any discolouration? Then we report this immediately. If necessary, we set the product apart. We do not assemble with blinkers on and instead consider what we would do if it concerned our products. Besides assembling products, we also do rework. This too is a form of unburdening. Think of removing burrs in a pipe or removing loose stitching on a blanket. In this sense, the rework service is separate from our assembly service. In the case of rework, the customer itself has identified a problem and we solve it.


Reliable partner

As a reliable partner, every Chain Logistics fitter thinks along with the client. With our practical and creative approach, we always find a practical solution. As early as the concept phase, our fitters are happy to sit down with you so that we can think along about the assembly work. This increases quality and reduces labour time.


Non-binding quotation

After making a no-obligation quotation, we sit down with the customer: what are the wishes? Some customers have an idea in advance, some do not. We are always curious about physical samples: by experiencing the product, we know even better what needs to be done. We look for the best fitting solution so that a product is presented properly right away. We convert a time measurement into a unit price. So the customer knows in advance where he or she stands and what it will cost. Working transparently is the starting point. Can we make you an offer without any obligation? If not all information is available beforehand, we can work on the basis of subsequent costing.



Are you interested, do you have a question or would you like more information about our assembly possibilities? Then please contact one of our staff members. We will be happy to talk to you. Naturally, we will be happy to discuss the various assembly activities we can carry out with you.

Interested in our assembly options?

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