Delivery conditions

If you transport your goods with Chain Logistics then the AVC, AVK and/or CMR conditions apply. We advise you to read these conditions. It is important that you take note of your and our liabilities and any limitations and/or exceptions. CMR applies to international road transport and AVC conditions may be additional to these. When you place an order, you automatically agree to the general terms and conditions.

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Diesel surcharge

As a haulier, we have to deal with widely fluctuating fuel prices on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this obliges us to pass on a diesel surcharge to our customers.

The diesel surcharge is calculated on the basis of a recommended pump price of € 0.933 per litre (excluding VAT). For every change of € 0.03 per litre, the diesel surcharge is adjusted by 1% (or part thereof). The calculation uses the average recommended retail price from the previous month.

As soon as the recommended pump price is lower or equal to the basic price, the fuel surcharge of 0.0% is applied.

The diesel surcharge as at 20-02-2023 is:

Recommended pump price (excl. VAT)€ 1,483
Base€ 0,933
Difference€ 0,550
Diesel surcharge18,35 %