Carefree outsourcing of your logistics

Fulfilment company Chain Logistics understands that you want to focus on business, and not on all the additional issues that come with handling your sales. So why not outsource your fulfilment? Fulfilment is one of our specialities. We take care of all the logistics surrounding purchases of your products and you have nothing to worry about!

But what do we actually do as a fulfilment partner? Fulfilment is the outsourcing of the logistical aspects involved in the purchase of merchandise. So we are not concerned with the sale of your products, but with their entire processing: stocking, storing and shipping. This process of order processing involves a number of steps:

First, we receive and check the stock you supply. Next, we provide you with a safe storage place for your products. That is already one less worry, because you no longer have to think about your stock. We manage it for you. When an order comes in, our mill continues to turn. We remove the articles from our warehouse and take care of any additions (e.g. suitable marketing materials) or (partial) assembly. After this, we provide your products with the right packaging, and prepare all orders for shipment. Finally, the items are labelled and shipped or transported to their final destination.

Our fulfilment ensures that you no longer have to worry about the logistics involved. In short: everything is taken care of for you down to the last detail!



We are also the right place for outsourcing your entire webshop logistics, so-called e-fulfilment. We take care of the entire logistics process surrounding online purchases. Fast, reliable and professional.

Your benefits

  • No thinking about your stocks
  • Processing of your sales taken care of from A to Z
  • National and international

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Frequently asked questions about our fulfilment services

For companies that want to run their business successfully and not get involved in logistics, we are the right party. Chain Logistics has the space, the resources, the knowledge and the expertise. Companies see us as an extension of their own business, because we offer them everything under one roof and think along with them.

We speak of volume advantage when stacking services. If you opt for storage, assembly and distribution, this leads to improved pricing. The more pallets, the cheaper the rate.

Lead times vary enormously. For some companies, we manufacture complete products from components after which they enter the warehouse. Products such as sockets, perfume bottles and mattresses sometimes stay here for a year, while other products are transported again immediately after unloading. These are often products that we palletise from a sea container. Products that are purchased as a bulk lot, we redeliver in phases based on order.

Our warehouse has 4000 square metres of surface area and is 12 metres high. Better still, the warehouse has 7000 pallet spaces.

We do not store conditioned goods. The same applies to ADR goods.

Every customer has access to the web portal, which provides insight into its own stock and where new orders can also be entered. In the portal, the customer also indicates what needs to be delivered, collected or changed.

We use partnerships for groupings of cargoes or for an international crossing. We know the specialisms of other transport companies and arrange the most advantageous mode of transport for customers. This can be sea freight, air freight, parcel service, pallet distribution. We are the portal for the customer and find the right channels, whatever the logistics demand.

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