Our mission? Meaningful entrepreneurship!

Chain Logistics provides logistics services and assembly solutions for companies. We do that in our own way, as efficiently as possible, paying attention to the wishes of our customers.

At Chain, we think it is important to contribute something positive to the world around us. That is why we are a so-called 'social enterprise'. We give expression to meaningful entrepreneurship by contributing to the quality of life of others. We want not only satisfied customers, but also satisfied employees. Work gives security. It allows you to build for the future. By our way of working, we help our employees to a better future. At Chain, you can develop in a way that suits you.

Happy employees, happy customers, happy company.

Chain Logistics adds value to people and products

As a social enterprise, we are very conscious of our organisation's social responsibility. We therefore offer people with a disadvantage on the labour market regular jobs in which they are trained within the logistics service industry. We are therefore particularly proud of these initiatives, which ensure that our candidates can successfully work on their future.

Meaningful entrepreneurship is more than just offering work. It is about offering a future. Because everyone is entitled to that. In 2020, we were also able to offer added value in the socio-economic field. And we are proud of that.

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