Gepubliceerd op: 24/03/2023

The perfect outer box for glass perfume bottles

For the new branch of a well-known department store for home & body products, Chain Logistics provides, among other things, the assembly, storage and distribution of 2 models of perfume bottles. The bottles are used in the shop by consumers, who may tap perfume into it themselves. In this way, the logistics service provider from Uden/Nijmegen helps its client launch a new concept in the market.

Business office manager Tim Jansen is delighted with the cooperation:

"Sparring with Prokonpack led to the best end result."

Through various suppliers, Chain Logistics receives large volumes of bottles and pump nozzles, which the company then assembles and transports in smaller quantities. However, to package and transport the bottles, the family-owned company needs easily manageable packaging. This customised packaging should protect the glass vials from breakage and damage while contributing to streamlined logistics processes.

To find the best packaging, the family-run logistics company contacted Prokonpack and together they arrived at 2 outer boxes with compartments. For both variants, an American folding box in B-corrugated cardboard with compartmentalisation turned out to be the best solution.

One model is for 6 large 100ml bottles and the other for 12 small 30ml bottles. Thanks to the compartmentalisation, the glass bottles are locked inside the packaging, eliminating the risk of damage.