Webshop fulfilment from A to Z

Your online success is also our success, and we would like to show you that through well-organised webshop logistics. Thanks to our many years of experience with fulfilment and e-fulfilment, we know exactly what outsourcing webshop logistics entails. We take care of the receipt, storage and warehousing of your products, arrange the complete processing of webshop orders and, above all, ensure fast dispatch by post or transport with our own fleet of vehicles.

But what exactly is e-fulfilment? E-fulfilment simply means the complete processing of orders from webshops. Chain Logistics is therefore not involved in the marketing of your webshop, that is not our business. But we do take care of the logistics of your online purchases.

The e-fulfilment process starts with receiving the goods, the so-called inbound. We have our own warehouse, so after registration, we store your products here. If an order comes in from your webshop, everything is collected and prepared in this warehouse. The products are then packed and labelled. Lastly, we also take care of shipping your webshop orders.

Handing over your webshop logistics offers you several advantages:

  • You can focus on what you are good at: doing business
  • You benefit from competitive rates and/or purchasing advantages
  • Thanks to our automated systems, outsourcing e-fulfilment is cheaper, faster and more flexible than if you had to process your online orders yourself
  • You can be sure that all your webshop orders will be delivered on time

As transparency is very important to us, our automated system gives you insight into your orders at all times. You can follow them throughout the process and always know the current order status.

In short: e-fulfilment is the best way for webshops to take care of your logistical online order process from A to Z. You will be satisfied and so will your webshop customers.


Your benefits

  • No worries about your online sales
  • Sharp rates and purchasing advantages
  • Your webshop logistics organised from A to Z
  • Expert advice and years of experience
  • National and international


Want to know more about E-fulfilment?

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