Quality control & sorting

Quality and nothing less!

Before you deliver your goods, you naturally want to be sure that they have the quality you stand for. Checks and inspections then give you the assurance that your products meet the set requirements and your customer's wishes. We have extensive experience within various sectors and can also support you on site.

You can often prevent many problems by carrying out regular quality checks as early as during the production process. This can prevent delays because any defects in your products can be addressed quickly. Because you can catch them in time, you save unnecessary costs. It also ensures that you can meet agreed delivery times and continue to guarantee the desired quality. The result is a satisfied customer.
In the case of very strict standards, we naturally try to cover you and ourselves. We do this by simply doing good work. We will gladly explain in person the processes and tools we use to achieve this.


Professional instructions

Good quality control stands or falls with process instructions. If you do not have your own instructions, we will make them for you. Using photos and videos, we create interactive instructions which you can test using the 'Chain Docs' web platform.
Unambiguous control is also important. Where possible, we develop tools that support visual checks and/or measurements.

Your benefits

  • Flexible working coil
  • Interactive work instructions
  • Tools
  • Proactive in identifying and reporting product deviations

Want to know more about our quality controls?

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