Who is Chain Logistics?

The strength of a family business

Chain Logistics was founded in 2000 and is a real family business. Our expertise is passed on from generation to generation. What characterises us is our personal commitment. We listen to our customers and like to build a personal relationship with them. We take that as a given. In addition, we are focused on the long term and continuously work on development and innovation.

Our family values are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. We think it is important to spread these values to the outside world as well. We do this by working for the underprivileged in the labour market. Meaningful entrepreneurship is in our blood.

Our people

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Rob Jansen


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Tim Jansen

General Manager

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Rik Jansen

Warehouse manager

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Dyon Zonnenberg

Finance Manager

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Saskia Loerakker

HR / Administration

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Willem van Beuningen

Business Solutions Manager

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Erik Verhagen

Senior Transport planner

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Glenn van der Wijst

Transport planner

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Mark Beuving

Transport planner

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Tyron Arvasia

Supervisor Assembly

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Brim Franssen

Supervisor Assembly

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Kevin Vogels

Supervisor Warehouse

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Olena Straatman

Assistant Teamlead Warehouse

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Rigette Hesen


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Juul van Lent

Customer Service Back Office

Advisory Board

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Wim Bens

Multi Stakeholder Management - Innovator, inspirator, Trainer & Coach

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Doesje Fransen

Impact investing | Finance | HR support | Impact measurement | Business modelling | Social return | SDG8 | Inclusive growth | Project management

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Bastiaan van den Noort

Innovation & Scaleup Coach - Growth-generalist - Organisation Philosopher

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Peter Tjalma

Sparring partner for entrepreneurs. Strategy, process, structure, involved, social, thorough analyses, feasible actios.

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Josette Dijkhuizen

🎯 Strategic advisor | 🎓Endowed professor | 👑 Crown member SER | 💎 Former UN Women Representative | Founder of De Zakencoach, Entrepreneurship in Business, Women4Women, Stichting Krachtbedrijf

Our clients

Over the past years, we have had the opportunity to work for a very wide range of clients. Whether they are one-off clients or cherished long-term relationships, every client is equally important to us. Below is a selection of our clientele.

EMD Tooling
Swiss Sense
Berlin Packaging
Sanders Fritom
Smarter Living
Beter Bed
De Kikvorsch
Micro Media
Funtime Gifts
Veba Box
EVC Verpakkingen

Want to know more about Chain Logistics?

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