Transport company as it is meant to be.
On time, on price.

Chain Logistics is an international transport company that does what it promises: transporting your goods safely and economically from A to B, both in the Netherlands and within the Benelux and the rest of Europe. It does not matter what kind of transport it is; our driven staff takes care of everything concerning the transport of your products with the same expertise and care. Just as you would expect from a transport company that is a specialist in its field.

Your transport comes first

Some forms of transport require just a little more attention than others. For example, national or international transport in a hurry, fragile loads or sensitive documentation. Not all transport companies can handle such loads, but at Chain we do not give it a second thought. We assure you that our employees always put the interests of your transport first. From receipt and storage to transport to, and delivery at, the destination; everything has their full attention. They also have the required capacities, facilities (such as our own fleet) and know-how to carry it out according to your wishes. Fast, reliable, safe and economical.

Direct transport
Direct transport

For urgent shipments, choose Direct Express, our Direct Transportservice.

Pallet transport
Pallet transport

If you have one or more pallets to ship, you will go for our inexpensive over night pallet transport.

Parcel delivery
Parcel delivery

For shipments that are less urgent but obviously need to reach their final destination safely and economically, our parcel delivery service is ideally suited.

For urgent shipments -national or international- you can switch with us at any time. If required, we will let the recipient know in advance that we are almost at the doorstep. The customer decides how far the information provision goes; within our flexible organisation, a lot is possible and everything is tailor-made. Some only want to know that the shipment has been delivered, that is also possible. For parcels, we use track and trace with the help of GLS and FedEx.

Companies that engage Chain Logistics see us as an extension of their business. That’s why we put ourselves in your customers’ shoes. How do they want fragile products to be transported? We do not put these together in a large truck; the chance of something going wrong then is too high. We transport fragile products with extra care in a smaller truck.

Everyone has to do what they do best. That’s why we don’t do everything 100 per cent ourselves and have built a network around us that we work with. As a result, we sell no as little as possible. Every partner in our network offers the same service as we do.

A shipment going to Switzerland, for example, and having to pass through customs, we can easily arrange partly thanks to our entrances at customs offices. A container shipment we do not do ourselves, but we can arrange. Taking on large-scale projects is our strength. For shipments that have to be officially signed off, we have staff with a great sense of responsibility.

We transport everything except ADR and refrigerated transport. We know what we are strong in and that is urgent transport and distribution work of general cargo. We do this in combination with warehousing and assembly. This makes us a powerful company for many customers.

Can we help you?

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