Gepubliceerd op: 24/03/2023

Doing business successfully with Beter Bed

Chain Logistics works for a wide range of beautiful customers. This includes Beter Bed, for which we have been carrying out transport for some time. We spoke to Edmond van Bommel, manager Transport at Beter Bed, about our cooperation.

“Chain is very flexible and immediately switches along to Beter Bed’s wishes. The invoices look neat. They are clear and well-organised. The cars with which Chain assists Beter Bed and supports us in the delivery, are in good condition and look orderly,” says Edmond. “The delivery drivers who participate in the delivery of Beter Bed from Chain are insightfully fine and we get good reviews from the customer about the delivery. They are correct towards the customer and our own deliverers also get along fine with Chain’s employees. In short: Chain’s service more than meets our expectations.”

“Chain’s service more than meets our expectations”
– Edmond van Bommel, Beter Bed

Edmond continues: “Working with Chain Logistics has given us extra capacity. This allows us to reduce the pressure on our own operation. Also, with Chain we have extra volume to drive out. The customer is king and we have to deliver quickly to the customer. Chain can play a role at Beter Bed by remaining flexible and continuing to support us in this as required.”

The strength of Chain Logistics
When Edmond is asked where Chain’s strength now lies, he answers: “Chain Logistics is a very flexible and collaborative company. It is an innovative company with an eye on tomorrow and not just living in the delusion of the day. Moreover, Chain is increasingly conquering the market through its pioneering way of thinking. That’s great to see.”

Naturally, we are grateful for these fine words and proud of this cooperation with Beter Bed. On to many more years of successful business!