Sealing, shrink wrapping & bundling

Sealing products

Do you want to save space and weight? Then choose to seal your products. Sealing can be both open and closed. A bundle-shrink pack, for instance, is an open-seal pack. Think of trays with cans. A closed seal packaging completely seals the product with sealing film.

When sealing, you can choose from various types of film. You can opt for transparent film (which allows the product to remain clearly visible in the original packaging) Or you choose printed film, which allows you to distinguish yourself from other similar products (private label, branded items).

Bundling products

Bundle packing is mainly used as sturdy transport packaging for bottles, boxes, jars, cans, etc. The products are collected, the film is wrapped around it and then perfectly crimped around the products. Bundle packs can also be provided with personalised printing.


In shrink packaging, your product is wrapped in a film and then transported through an oven. This causes the film to shrink and close tightly around the product. In sealing, your product is wrapped in a film whose open sides are sealed.

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