Providing your product with professional labelling

Chain Logistics is highly skilled in labelling your products. We do this almost daily mostly after an assembly and mounting process. By labelling, you can think of applying labels such as barcodes, action labels, etc. This can be done in general, neutral form, but we can also provide your products with private label tags. In addition, we are able to 're-label' existing labelling by replacing it with new ones (for example, when the label needs to be spelled in a different language or currency, or when data has changed, etc.).


Labelling is advantageous

Labelling your product offers you several advantages:

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Easy action marketing (think price action stickers etc.)
  • Flexibility
  • Possibility of personalising your products


Food and non-food labelling

When marketing, exporting or expanding products in the food or non-food sectors, you will also have to deal with labelling. But labelling in this case is more than just putting a label on a product. When labelling correctly, following the correct translations and applicable laws and regulations are extremely important. Chain Logistics has experienced and knowledgeable labelling specialists who can assist you with your labelling issues at all times.

Most food products are labelled. This contains information about what is in the product, how it should be used and the expiry date. This information is mandatory. We are happy to provide you with advice on what your label should comply with.


Your benefits

  • We are experts and experienced
  • We are up to date with applicable laws and regulations
  • We are accurate and quality-oriented

Want to know more about labelling?

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